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Pioneer Materials, Inc.

Pioneer Materials, Inc. specializes in advanced compounds for solar, thermo-electric, and semiconductor applications.

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PMI establishes itself with a proven record of on-time delivery and not just meeting, but exceeding customer’s specifications, we introduce value-added technical services in material science and engineering, and cost competitiveness. PMI has collaborated successfully with a number of customers from development stage to eventual commercial volume production. PMI’s customers are distributed in North America, Europe and East Asia, and has target bonding partners in the corresponding locations. In 2008, PMI set up a wholly owned subsidiary in China as a manufacturing base, with more than 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified that can produce in excess of 14,400 targets per year with the ability to scale as needed to our customers demands.

Pioneer Materials, Inc.


PMI provides a comprehensive range of tailored solutions to meet specific needs across various industries. Our offerings include Powder Metallurgy Sputter Target Synthesis for the production of diverse sputter targets, Novel Semiconductor Targets for cutting-edge electronic applications, Oxide Semiconductor Targets for advanced optoelectronic devices, and 2D Semiconductor Sputter Targets for next-generation electronics. Additionally, we offer custom-made materials, bonding services, elastomer bonding, indium bonding, and precise material characterization. Each solution is meticulously crafted to address unique requirements, ensuring precision and effectiveness in diverse applications.

Custom-made materials are tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements in various industries. These materials are engineered with precision to match desired properties, enabling innovation and addressing unique challenges across applications such as electronics, manufacturing, and more.

Bonding services, including indium bonding and elastomer bonding, offer the expertise to create secure connections between materials. This precision process enhances product reliability and performance in industries like electronics and optics, fostering innovation and seamless integration.

Material characterization involves analyzing properties like structure, composition, and behavior. This process employs techniques such as microscopy, spectroscopy, and mechanical testing to understand materials’ performance, aiding in product development, quality control, and advancing innovations across industries.

Compound Targets

Novel semiconductor targets, including PCM chalcogenide targets (e.g., GeTe, GeSe, GeSe2, ZnSe), offer unique electronic properties. They find applications in phase-change memory (PCM), optical storage, and sensors. PCM chalcogenides enable data storage by switching between amorphous and crystalline phases, providing non-volatile and high-speed memory solutions in electronics.

Oxide semiconductor targets like IGZO, SrRuO3, and In2O3:Cu are vital in modern electronics. IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) is used in high-resolution displays and thin-film transistors. SrRuO3 is employed in oxide electronics and catalysis. In2O3:Cu finds use in transparent conductive coatings, enhancing touchscreen and solar cell performance. These oxides contribute to advanced electronic and optoelectronic technologies.

2D Semiconductor Sputter Targets” comprise materials like MoSe2, MoS2, WSe2, WS2, and others. These compound targets are essential for the deposition of thin films in the manufacturing of 2D transistors, offering precise control over semiconductor layer thickness and quality, enabling the development of advanced electronic devices with unique properties.

Pioneer Materials, Inc.


PMI provides a diverse range of cutting-edge products, including Thin Film PV Materials materials, thermoelectric materials, phase change materials, and a variety of other target compounds. These products cater to a wide spectrum of industries, fostering innovation and driving technological advancements in various fields.

Thin Film PV Materials are at the forefront of technological progress, bridging the realms of optics and electronics. They encompass semiconductors, LEDs, solar cells, and more, enabling devices that convert light into electrical signals. These materials drive innovations in communication, energy, and displays, shaping the future of various industries.

Explore revolutionary thermoelectric materials converting heat into electricity, revolutionizing energy efficiency. Harness potential in waste heat recovery and sustainable power generation. Discover cutting-edge thermoelectric materials transforming heat into electricity, advancing energy sustainability. Unlock opportunities in waste heat recovery and clean energy generation.

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are innovative substances used to store and release thermal energy during phase transitions. They offer efficient heat management solutions in various applications, from temperature regulation in buildings to thermal packaging in electronics. Discover their diverse benefits in energy storage and thermal comfort optimization.

Explore a spectrum of high-purity materials tailored for diverse industries. These materials, meticulously refined for specific applications, drive technological advancements in fields like electronics, optics, and coatings. Unlock the potential of superior quality substances to elevate your innovations and projects.

Pioneer Materials, Inc.


Pioneer Materials, Inc.

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